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Daniella Russell Harper

Wellness Spa Consultant / Consulting Mentor

DRH is renowned for curating immersive modern concepts that elevate well-being facilities globally. Founded by Daniella Russell, a pioneer of the wellness industry and a refined connoisseur of all challenges of the wellness arena. Daniella succeeded in gathering around her a multi-disciplinary team of experts with extensive backgrounds in spa developing, wellness architecture, strategic marketing and anti-aging medicine. 


In her 40 years of exceptional work and personal dedication to the evolution and proliferation of the wellness industry, Daniella has become a leading “voice” at Wellness Conferences and a well-known International Spa Judge, but most of all Daniella gained a well-deserved appreciation for the creation of revolutionary wellness facilities that “made history” (Chiva Som, Burj al Arab, Cleopatra Spa, just to name a few). Throughout her extensive career in Europe, Asia and the GCC, Daniella came across intricate challenges. These vast experiences enriched her professional expertise with a wealth of cultural awareness, a flexible and progressive approach to solving things, and a deep understanding of the most pressing consumer needs. Daniella turned these learning curves into the visionary ethics that animate the company’s spirit – to constantly strive to set higher standards via “avant-garde” holistic solutions that can make a wellness facility “move successfully with time” or turn into a private personal sanctuary beneficial enough to answer to the health & happiness-seeking individual.

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