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Leading the industry as pioneers in spa advisory, balancing wellness sustainable design and technology with well-being experiences. Daniella Russell Harper and her consultancy team, are globally renown for curating immersive modern concepts that elevate well-being facilities globally. The team’s approach is focused on delivering exceptional spaces, inspired by nature, that enrich a true state of well-being, supporting the end-user in their personal journey and inspiring beyond the confines of the everyday.  

Headquartered in Dubai, DRH is centrally located in the global east, west corridor of trade, commerce and hospitality, enabling the firm to have the creative pulse, and be on the leading-edge of industry innovations and best-practice in sustainability. DRH specialises in the creative & technological evolution of the wellness industry, with developing “natural living environments” that support new wellness practices and treatments targeted at merging wellness with beauty and mental well-being.


The Team at DRH take placemaking through design to the next level, focused on delivering an integrated experience and give great consideration to blending the outdoors and indoors, reflecting both the surrounding nature and the urban fabric of the surrounding city. All concepts and designs have an emphasis on a variety of carefully considered elements, including entry experience, retail thoroughfares and large open activity spaces, which lead into therapy rooms and pool areas that create an engaging, natural and organic destination. Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are also at the heart of every project, working collaboratively with all partners to build a vibrant well-being space for the larger community. 


With over 40 years industry experience, DRH has built sustainable long-term business solutions by working collaboratively with clients and partners to identify and understand key business challenges. Not just advisors, DHR has built an unrivalled global innovation ecosystem of partners with a hands-on approach to optimize and accelerate projects. 

Each project features a curated driven team of experts who operate with honesty, integrity and total consideration of the local cultural requirements and environmental wellness. Dedicated to being experts in the field, the DRH team are the authorities in the latest trends of scientifical and medical evidence and breakthrough technology. Equipment & technology is carefully selected that prove meaningful and efficient for designing the next generation of wellness & health experience and return on investment for the project.


The Team
Daniella Russell
Wellness Spa Consultant / Consulting Mentor

Mob: +971 50 658 9430

Oliver Harper Chief Collaboration Officer / Project Manager DRH Consultancy UAE Leading Wellbeing SPA Advisory wellness mentor specialist designer planner B&W Portrait About US The Team
Oliver Harper
Chief Collaboration Officer / Project Manager

Mob: +971 50 650 0478

Behind The Scenes
We do have our special force team to be called into action over our projects.
Our trusted specialists includes:
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Specialists & Trainers
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Sustainability Advisors 
And many more...



Modern Innovation 

DRH is the global leader in holistic next generation wellness & well-being spa consulting. We partner with leading innovative private and public developers to establish the full potential of pioneering well-being practices within mixed-use developments.

All projects are underpinned by a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly placemaking through design, with thoughtful consideration to bringing nature indoors and encouraging well-being to strengthen the community. With a core staff of multi-disciplinary and internationally recognised wellness professionals, DRH brings over 40 years in delivering global spa wellness projects, offering a more balanced approach to delivering unrivalled advisory services in wellness & well-being industry.




DRH is the leader in holistic wellness & well-being spa consulting. We curate immersive sustainable experiences that elevate the next generation wellness facilities globally, delivering spaces that enrich physical and emotional experiences, that inspire beyond the confines of the everyday.

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